Pod Point Solo

The Pod Point Solo is one of the most popular chargers in the U.K. It is available tethered or un-tethered with the cable wrapping neatly around the unit in the tethered version. 

The Pod Point App allows you to start/stop and schedule your charging and thee Pod Point incorporates an inbuilt PEN Monitor which means an earth rod or MATT:E device is not required. 

The Pod Point Solo is a little larger than some of the other chargers available (it's 360mm diameter and sits about 150mm off the wall) but it is also one of the most affordable options available

Here are some of our recent installs of the Pod Point Solo to help you see what it looks like in real life. If you have any questions about how an install would work for your property please get in touch. 

How much will it all cost?

Un-tethered Fully Installed from  £645.00*

Tethered Fully Installed from  £659.00*

*90% of our Pod Point Solo installs cost the amounts shown above. The other 10% of installs are normally those that do not have a spare slot in their consumer unit.