myenergi Zappi v2

A very well made charger that's perfect if you have solar panels at home. The Zappi allows you to direct any excess solar generation straight to your car allowing you to drive on free, green energy!

The Zappi comes in two colours (white or black) and in both tethered and un-tethered versions, although we find the Zappi's neat cable storage means most customers choose the tethered option.  

Here are some of our recent Zappi installs to help you see what they look like in real life. If you have any questions about how an install would work for your property please get in touch. 

How much will it all cost?

Un-tethered Fully Installed from  £790.00*

Myenergi Zappi EV charger untethered

Tethered Fully Installed from  £830.00*

my energi zappi white tethered EV charger

*90% of our Zappi installs cost the amount shown above - this is because the Zappi incorporates most of the required switchgear (RCD, PEN Monitor etc) inside the charger itself.